Our Mission: To provide wholesome meals and a welcoming environment that enhance the school day, giving each student the energy to learn and succeed.

We currently operate 5 kitchens serving breakfast, lunch, and after school snacks on a daily basis at each school. Our kitchens are managed by Cafeteria Managers, who are certified through the School Nutrition Association. The Cafeteria Managers are individuals who have proven their love and enthusiasm for the area of child nutrition, having over 50 years of experience among them.  We are also staffed with wonderful assistant managers and cooks, who prepare all of our meals. We have two employees at the central office who handle the administrative and district wide management of our programs: Emily Estes, School Nutrition Supervisor and Melissa Pirtle, School Nutrition Bookkeeper. 

All meals served meet the federal requirements for Child Nutrition Programs under the USDA. 

The School Nutrition Program operates as a fiscally independent nonprofit under the local school district, paying for all of its own direct expenses and administrative costs. We are supported by revenue generated from sales made within our cafeterias as well as receiving federal and state funds based on our meal participation.

We take food safety very seriously in our programs. All kitchens are inspected by the county health inspector twice per year. Cafeteria Managers also maintain current food safety certificates.  

We look forward to serving the students of DeKalb County!

Contact Info

DeKalb High School Cafeteria:

Manager, Kathy Chapman       

Phone: 615-597-2250


DeKalb Middle School Cafeteria:

Manager, Tammy Maynard     

Phone: 615-597-2078


DeKalb West School Cafeteria:

Manager, Nancy Mulloy         



Northside Elementary Cafeteria:

Manager, Ivory Knauer         

Phone: 615-597-3750


Smithville Elementary Cafeteria:

Manager, Tammy Tyler           

Phone: 615-597-4747


Central Office

Supervisor, Emily Estes               Phone: 615-215-2104

Bookkeeper, Melissa Pirtle                Phone: 615-215-2103